Fly Dubai

Fly Dubai sought a versatile solution, necessitating a multi-purpose area spanning 114 SQM. This space was specifically designed to function as a conference area in the morning, accommodating presentations and meetings, and then transform into a comfortable visitors lounge in the afternoon. This approach optimized the use of space, ensuring it met the company's diverse needs throughout the day.


Fly Dubai


Al Maktoum Airport - Exhibition Centre (DWC)


114 sqm

The scope of our service for Fly Dubai at the Dubai Airshow aimed to deliver a comprehensive turnkey solution for the stand build, encompassing a wide array of elements to ensure a seamless and impactful presence at the event. We ensured the installation of state-of-the-art telecommunications systems and essential utilities, facilitating smooth operations and communications throughout the event. Our team managed all aspects of technical production, from audio-visual equipment to lighting, ensuring that each piece of technology integrated seamlessly to enhance the stand's functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our team curated a selection of high-quality, comfortable furniture that served dual purposes, accommodating both the conference setting in the morning and the visitors' lounge in the afternoon, without compromising on style or comfort. Our event scaping services transformed the space, creating an environment that reflected Fly Dubai's brand image and the multi-purpose nature of the stand, engaging visitors and providing a memorable experience. Custom-designed graphics and signage were strategically placed throughout the stand to guide visitors, convey Fly Dubai's key messages, and enhance the overall visual impact of the space. We also provided expert rigging and trussing services to support the structural and design needs of the stand, ensuring safety and integrating technical equipment effectively. From initial concepts to final execution, our team employed sophisticated 2D and 3D design techniques to visualize and plan the stand. This ensured the final construction aligned perfectly with Fly Dubai's requirements and expectations, facilitating a smooth, efficient construction process. Through meticulous planning and coordination, the scope of our services was tailored to meet Fly Dubai's specific needs for the Dubai Airshow, ensuring a standout presence that was both functional and visually compelling.

Brand Experience

A crucial aspect of our deliverables was the development of an engaging narrative that integrated with Fly Dubai's brand ethos, making every interaction with the stand an insightful journey for the attendees. By implementing state-of-the-art audiovisual and interactive technologies, we created immersive experiences that showcased Fly Dubai's innovative services and emphasized its commitment to customer satisfaction and global connectivity. Our approach ensured that every visitor left with a lasting impression of Fly Dubai, reinforcing brand loyalty and positioning Fly Dubai as a leader in the competitive airline industry.

Exhibition Experiences

In addition to the brand experiences, we also focused on creating engaging exhibition experiences highlighting Fly Dubai's unique services and offerings. Our team carefully curated the stand layout, incorporating a range of elements to showcase Fly Dubai's modern fleet and innovative amenities.
From interactive flight simulators to a dedicated lounge area for guests to relax and interact with Fly Dubai representatives, our exhibition experiences were designed to create a memorable and informative experience for attendees. This enabled Fly Dubai to communicate its value proposition effectively and establish itself as a top player in the aviation industry.




The final design of the exhibition stand was confirmed one week before the show, necessitated by the late discovery of a physical obstacle at the venue, which obscured key features of the stand. Despite this unforeseen challenge, our team quickly adapted and refined our plans, ensuring that the stand's core elements and attractions were preserved and highlighted in the newly configured design.


02+ Years Of


114 sqm
of Space


Our team worked closely with the client, taking into account two important parameters: duration (over two years in this case) and goal alignment. This strong connection to the brand enabled DXB LIVE to provide tailored solutions that efficiently met the client's needs.

Collaboration & Results

Our brand experience services revolve around providing a single point of contact for client servicing solutions. Our dedicated team conducted daily meetings with clients to update, review, adjust, and confirm every detail of the produced product. We ensured that it was delivered with attention to detail, according to the client's preferences and within, the given timeline. 


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