This monumental project featured a semi-permanent triple-decker structure with a high ceiling (4m) Majlis that could collectively accommodate up to 500 guests on all floors.




Al Maktoum Airport - Exhibition Centre (DWC) 


1539 sqm

A customized logo installation, comprised of 2,300 aluminum chips, added a unique touch to the venue, making it an impressive site for visitors. The project required extensive brand application to the physical structure, a reusable structure for a minimum of five years, high stability, and static engineering due to capacity challenges. DXB LIVE also provided maintenance and storage solutions.  Our expert designers use cutting-edge technology for Technical Drawing and 2D & 3D Design. Specialized machinery was used to support structural elements, and steel structures met safety standards. Meticulous work was done on glass panels, flooring, and ceiling decking for durability and aesthetic appeal. Fire safety and HVAC systems were in place for safety and comfort. Each aspect was executed with precision, showcasing DXB Live's ability to tackle challenges and deliver a holistic event experience.

Brand Experience 

An important deliverable was to create an immersive brand experience that resonated with attendees long after the event concluded. This was achieved through meticulous planning and execution of visual and interactive elements that aligned with the brand's identity and values. Every touchpoint, from entry to exit, was curated to engage, inform, and inspire the audience, leveraging technology and storytelling to forge a memorable connection between the brand and its consumers.

Spatial Design 

Efficient and effective spatial design was key to facilitating a seamless flow of attendees, while also creating engaging and functional spaces within the temporary structure. This included innovative use of space for exhibitions, networking areas, and entertainment zones, all designed to enhance the attendee experience. Attention was paid to accessibility, crowd management, and technology integration for interactive displays, ensuring a cohesive and intuitive layout.
Each of these deliverables was crucial in the successful execution of the project, showcasing DXB Live's commitment to excellence and innovation in event management.




In the ambitious endeavor to fulfill our client's vision, DXB Live encountered an array of intricate challenges. The timeframe of 17 days for construction demanded efficient time management and rapid coordination among teams. Obtaining structural approvals in this short period was a meticulous process, requiring precise attention to detail and thorough communication with local authorities. The stringent health and safety measures further compounded the project's complexity, ensuring a safe environment for workers and attendees amid ongoing construction activities. Installing 2.7m glass panels called for specialized equipment, skilled laborers, and utmost precision to prevent any damage or breakage during transit and assembly. Managing heat dissipation in the venue required sophisticated engineering techniques, cutting-edge technology, and strategic layout designs to create a comfortable ambiance for attendees despite the harsh outdoor temperatures. Building a customized decorative aluminum facade imposed considerable technical challenges related to fabrication, assembly, and installation, given its sheer size, weight, and intricate details. Overcoming these hurdles required advanced manufacturing capabilities, expert craftsmanship, and seamless coordination between various teams and disciplines.


17+ Days For


24 Hours
work shifts


To overcome these challenges, DXB Live maximized manpower with 24-hour construction shifts, provided H&S documentation and method statement, and had full-time H&S supervisors on site. Unique furnishings were sourced to suit the overall look of the stand. Double-glazed glass and heat-repellant film were applied in addition to A/C calculations to ensure every corner was well-cooled and powered by an external silent power generator. 

Collaboration & Results  

DXB Live's collaboration with EDGE – CHALET spanned two months of design, weekly design reviews at their office, and even walkthroughs of every square meter of the stand pre-construction. The result was a prominent presence for EDGE at the show and an experience that was worthy of their name and the type of clients they desired to attract. 


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