Astronaut Launch Event 2019

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sqm purpose build tent


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Emirate astronaut

The launch event marked a historic milestone for the UAE and allowed guests to experience the first Emirati space mission. Moreover, the event aimed to transport guests into space by creating a platform where they could observe live interactions with the astronauts Hazza Al Mansoori and Sultan Al Neyadi. To set the tone, DXB LIVE made sure that the right design and décor were chosen. Also, it was essential to install the right structure to compliment the entrance archways which replicated the doorways of a space capsule. As for the area’s interior, a white fabric with raw truss frames gave it a space capsule feel which was further accentuated by the shape of the roof.

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Project photos

Day 2 - Edited-88.jpg
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Day 2 - Edited-66.jpg
Day 2 - Edited-56.jpg
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