TRA at GITEX 2018

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sq m of interacrtive and immersive space




sponsors, participating countries and start ups

The challenge

DXBLIVE were tasked to bring to life TRA's vision to take visitors on an insightful and highly immersive journey into the world of ICT to display its various initiatives, which highlighted TRA’s contribution in shifting the way technology is perceived and making it more people centric for enhancing the quality of life.

Each activation was strategically designed to provide a unique experience  for instance: a structure was created housing a rotating wheel and an RFID chip reader to tell bilingual stories about various projects from their ICT Fund division. Through projection, visitors were able to pick a project, scan the chip, and use the wheel to scroll through an animated detailing of that specific project

TRA vertical 1.jpg
TRA horizontal 1.jpg
TRA Vertical 2.jpg
TRA horizontal 2.jpg

Project photos

DXBLive Media-3141.JPG
TRA Horizontal 3.jpg
DXBLive Media-3142.JPG
DXBLive Media-3131.JPG
DXBLive Media-3140.JPG

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