Project Management

Our prime goal is provide top standard event consultancy and business planning services. We have a fool-proof methodology, approach, planning Scheduling and Timeline management to build unique and world class solutions. We strive for intuitive and proactive management of client and supplier requirements having the most effecient control and reporting of the project.

Relations and Permit Processing

We meticulously handle event permit solutions with government bodies such as DTCM, TCA, DED, Dubai Municipality, and any other Dubai/Abu Dhabi government organization/department. We also direct event protocol liaison in the pre-planning stage and onsite management during conference while assisting and facilitating patronage applications.

Marketing and communications

We prepare effective marketing, communication and promotions plan including e-tools e.g. social media. We are also equipped with production of video, print and e-marketing design capabilities. We have an experienced team with full knowledge of Design, format and content creation for websites and Mobile APP development and management.

Sponsorship and Exhibitions

Our team is fully capable of Strategic reviews of the delegate profile to identify and match needs of potential sponsors/exhibitors (e.g. industry, research, innovation, brand recognition); We design sponsor/exhibitor prospectus based on creative and innovative opportunities.


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